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Hi, I'm Lee McGeorge. On this site you'll find download links to my catalogue of both FREE and Premium novels.

If you enjoy my books, or have a question, be sure to come and say 'Hi' on Facebook.


Happy reading and thanks for your visit. 


Lee McGeorge

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The Obsidian


Novel Writing Course

The Obsidian


She was supposed to be the most luxurious locomotive of her day. Instead, she became a ghost train headed straight into hell.

For the people caught in her evil path, she is a one way ticket into madness and damnation.

Novel Writing Course

Over the years, I've developed a system for writing novels that I've taught to others.

Now, I've taken it further by putting the entire system into a FREE youtube series.


Over the course of videos, I write The Obsidian, the story of a terrifying ghost train terrorizing Victorian England.

The project is taken from initial ideas, to forming a story, adding characters, drafting, revising and finally publishing the finished book.

If you're interested in writing your own book, or are just interested to see how I work, take a look at The Obsidian page.

The Return of Moloch

Thirty years ago, British soldier, John Prentice, encountered something horrifying in the jungles of Ecuador.


Three decades later, he’s ready to set it free.

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Readers Photos

If you're reading one of my books, I'd love to see it.

You can post pictures to me (or just come and have a chat) at Facebook.

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