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Vampire "Unseen"

“Vampire Unseen is one of the most adult stories in the horror genre for years [and] Lee McGeorge delivers once again a truly captivating book with moments of pure unadulterated horror.”

- FromBeyond

(Book 2 of the Vampire "Untitled" Trilogy)


Two men are dead, brutally murdered on a Romanian hillside. The prime suspect is resourceful, intelligent and completely invisible. 
For Romanian detective Corneliu Latis, the assignment should have been easy. Go to London and liaise with the British authorities to track this man. 

But as Corneliu unlocks the puzzle he discovers that things are not as they first seemed, for beyond the mystery of an unseen man, lay a dark legacy of secrets that must remain buried at all costs. 

"Certainly not for timid or tepid readers, the Vampire novels establish a creature outside of human norms and play fair in how they tell his story.”

- Hellnotes

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