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Slenderman, Slenderman

Take this Child

Jemima Collins has lost a parent in a car accident.

She is twelve years old. She is frightened.

She is alone... and the monster is watching.


"Lee McGeorge weaves the pop-culture monster into a deep and satisfying literary creature."


"Fusing a richly detailed origin story, a tense and riveting narrative, and and a parable of modern day horrors, McGeorge creates the Slenderman story we've been waiting for."

“Of all the Slenderman-themed movies and novels out there, I’ve only been legitimately impressed by Lee McGeorge’s chilling, Slenderman, Slenderman, Take this Child. It’s a pretty riveting work of fiction, but it stands alone.”


“The first truly great Slenderman story.”


“I thought ‘Revival’ by Stephen King was going to be the most f***ed up thing I’d read this year, but I was wrong. Slenderman, Slenderman, Take this Child is officially the most disturbing thing I have ever read.”

- Codices

"An intense and frightening read. Loaded with deeply unsettling character insight, harrowing depictions of graphic violence and the heartbreaking spiral of a community ill prepared for a nearly unstoppable evil.”


“Well written, captivating and so much more than a simple horror story… It’s as though Stephen King and Clive Barker fathered a child. A very, very disturbing child”


“A solid and enjoyable piece of work. Twisted, dark and intriguing.”

- Bookolio

“McGeorge finally fills the hole that haunted the Slenderman mythos and he does so in terrifying fashion.”

- Scream Magazine

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