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Young Author Mentoring Project

There are three qualities required to write a book.


Firstly there is an artistic requirement, then a planning and organisational requirement and finally perseverence and determination to complete a long project.


It's been my belief for some years that most people have one, or sometimes two of these qualities naturally, but to have all three takes time to identify and develop; but these are qualities I believe can be developed by anybody.


As a test to this theory, I began working with teenagers to see if it was possible to develop younger people to write a book and see it published.


I'm happy to say that it is possible.

Over the course of a year, I take the young author through the entire writing process from initial ideas and development, through to writing, editing, all the way to seeing their work published as a finished paperback and begin generating reviews.


If you, or your child are interested in mentoring, please send me a message.

ISBN: 9780954695392

Released: May, 2016

Noir Control

by Dustin van der Poll (age 15)

The President has been murdered in a high-tech military coup. The TV news say it was a lone gunman, a story believed by the masses.


One teenaged girl is being hunted because she knows the truth; but the only people who can help may be more dangerous than the killers chasing her.

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Ambition Falls

by Aimee Sharp (age 14)

It began with a shooting,
that became a mystery
and ended in terror.

For investigator Harriet Smotes, not only can the city of Ambition Falls give birth to remarkable
crimes, it can also drag up ghosts from her past.

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ISBN: 9780954695385

Released: April, 2016

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ISBN: 9780954695361

Released: April, 2016

It began with an explosion in the station.
Frank was there. He heard the shooting and saw the police giving chase. He was caught up in a gas attack that put him in hospital.

But the government deny everything.
They say it was an accident.
Frank knows they’re lying.
The question is why?

As Frank tries to uncover the truth of what happened, he discovers a mysterious and sinister conspiracy that is so huge in scale and terrifying in its implication, the government will stop at nothing to keep it hidden.

State of Sleep

by Neve Pearce (age 15)

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