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Videodrome: Days of O'Blivion

At the height of the Cold War, two men have invented a special kind of television technology. A signal that produces strange and unusual side-effects in those who watch it.

But as these men try to bring their invention to market, a mysterious corporation conspires to develop the technology not as an extension of television, but as a weapon that can eliminate nations.

In this fast and ingenious thriller, Lee McGeorge delves into the background of David Cronenberg’s horror classic, examining not only how and why Videodrome came to exist, but exploring the ideology that would make it priceless.

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“If you’re a fan of David Cronenberg’s classic Videodrome, you’re going to absolutely love Lee McGeorge’s prequel, Videodrome: Days of O’Blivion… Trust me: YOU WANT THIS NOVEL!”


"A fast read but with serious themes, Days of O’Blivion reaches its pinnacle with a satisfying climax that will resonate with anyone who views the rise of new technology as more than a harmless distraction.”


"Highly recommended for sci-fi and horror lovers alike, Lee McGeorge’s new novel is topical, cerebral and, at times, terrifying.”


“Days of O'Blivion is a quick and haunting read that captures the intelligence and quality of Cronenberg's original.”

- Codices


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