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Vampire "Untitled"

For journalist Paul McGovern, visiting Romania is supposed to be an adventure, but when he discovers a strange Christian shrine and a shallow grave hidden in woodland, it unlocks a mystery he cannot put down.

The locals say it is the grave of a vampire. Paul thinks there was a murder, covered up and masked with superstition. 

But the truth behind this grave will prove to be far more insidious than any story he could possibly imagine.

"Certainly not for timid or tepid readers, the Vampire novels establish a creature outside of human norms and play fair in how they tell his story.”

- Hellnotes

“Vampire Untitled promises great things with its ambition to be the beginning of the first truly adult vampire series in a long time, and McGeorge delivers a truly exciting book with some genuine moments of sheer terror.”

- FromBeyond

“Careful, cadenced, and convincing. Lee McGeorge fundamentally redefines the vampire in some fascinating ways."

- Collings Notes

"Forget the Hollywood movie appearance of the modern vampire, this is far more believable."

- Hellnotes

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