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Gingerbread Economy

The western governments and their great economies had collapsed, the rule of law had broken, anarchy was pandemic and kill-or-be-killed became the only way to survive.
But that was a decade ago.
Now the survivors of a shattered and volatile world have learned to organise themselves, to rebuild from what they could salvage and to cooperate for the good of the many.

In one small town, a skilled managerial leadership has emerged with a radical new currency and an iron fisted approach to law and order. They've stamped out crime, stimulated trade and generated hope in a landscape where violence and murder was an all too common way of life.
But a chain of events has been set in motion that threatens to send the town into freefall, to destroy its economy and to turn the cooperative struggle for improvement into a vicious battle for survival.

Vintage Paperback

(Ebook Coming Soon)

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