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The Tourist

New York of the 1980’s is a sexually perverted place

filled with sexually perverted people.
Not all of them are human.

Considered one of the finest science fiction screenplays ever written, Clair Noto’s story of alien beings meeting for sex in a New York nightclub has remained unfilmed and untold for decades.
Now, British horror novelist, Lee McGeorge, presents a fantastically realised version of Noto’s story that is destined to become a classic in its own right.

"Lee McGeorge’s The Tourist is unlike anything else I have ever read… [He] has taken one of the most talked-about film scripts in modern times and worked the story into solid science-fiction… Intimate, sexually charged and at times surprisingly dark, he has authored the ultimate way to finally experience Noto's vision.

"What a wonderful story... It's impossible to rewrite Clair and to keep some of the uniqueness of the story [but] you did a wonderful job with your adaptation."

- Renee Missell

(Film Producer of The Tourist)


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